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Special Services

Child Study Team Office Telephone
973-347-7600 (ext.210)

Interim Supervisor of Special Services:
Judith H. Geddis (ext. 210)


The Board of Education provides all educationally handicapped students with special education and related services appropriate to their needs. The spectrum of services includes out-of-district programs, self-contained classes, resource center classes (both in-class and pull-out), and full mainstreaming. Support services include speech and language, occupational therapy, physical therapy and counseling. These support services are based upon individual student needs as identified by the Child Study Team. The supervisor provides leadership for a wide range of support personnel, including school psychologists, social workers, learning consultants, instructional aides, speech therapists, special education teachers, and related services personnel.

Child Study Team


The Child Study Team includes a certified School Psychologist, a School Social Worker, and a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant. The team works collectively to both identify and assist at-risk students and to determine, through appropriate professional assessment, if special education services are in order. Although decisions, recommendations are rendered through a team approach, each team member has an individual area of expertise: the School Psychologist works one on one with students experiencing personal problems that impact their ability to function in school; the School Social Worker assists students and parents in better utilizing their own resources and in facilitating the use of community agencies; the Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant works with students and teachers in supporting those experiencing academic difficulties. Although the Child Study Teamís major thrust is the special education community, our team, by virtue of commitment and dedication, provides a great deal of energy to the general education population as well. The team is child centered and responsive to the needs of students, staff and community..


CST Contacts:

Marna Schneider
School Social Worker (ext.208) Tuesdays and Fridays

Mary Bitondo
Learning Disability Teacher Consultant (ext.209)

Sarah Klimek
School Psychologist (ext. 207)

Bill Dobbins
Speech Language Pathologist (ext. 220)

Special Education Instruction

Fully certified Special Education Staff provide expertise to specially tailored classroom experiences for students with Individualized Educational Plans developed by the IEP Team. These services help students address specific learning and behavioral needs in the kind of setting where teachers are able to offer one on one support, adaptive instruction and/or behavioral interventions. Our Special Education Staff combine experience, compassion, patience and sensitivity to support Special Education youngsters in their educational pursuit.



Mr. Seth Corazzini Ext. 134
Mrs. Cathy Cortes Ext. 211
Mrs. Kelley D’Olivo Ext. 225
Mrs. Raeann Perez Ext. 135
Mr. John Groome Ext. 213
Mrs. Nadia Inskeep Ext. 212
Mrs. Debbie Reidmiller Ext. 214
Mrs. Deborah Unorski Ext. 121

Ms. Kathleen Donato Ext. 221
Mrs. Kathleen Garrigan Ext. 217
Mrs. Judy Kleczka Ext. 227
Mrs. Nancy Siegel Ext. 218
Mr. Bill Spuckes Ext. 123
Mr. Peter Bouffidis
Mrs. Sandy Pregno

Special Education Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Cheryl Canfield Ext. 223

Speech Services

Lenape Valley enjoys the services of a certified speech correctionist to work with students who may be manifesting difficulties in the speech/language areas. Since it has been confirmed time and time again that difficulties in these areas may impact negatively on academic performance, directly or indirectly, our speech therapist works holistically. Concentration areas include: receptive language, focusing on such items as auditory attention, auditory processing, auditory memory, auditory discrimination, etc., expressive language, focusing on such items as organization of ideas, grammar, and syntax, appropriate social language, etc., and articulation, phonation, and dysfluency. The program promotes increased understanding of the importance of communication skills in the learning process.



Mr.William Dobbins, Ext. #220

Project Child Find

Project Child Find is a free referral service and public awareness campaign to assist in the identification of unserved/underserved youth with a delay or disability from birth through 21 years of age. It also develops and distributes information to the public about early intervention services and special education programs throughout New Jersey. The toll-free number for Project Child Find is 800-322-8174.

If you are concerned that your high school-age child is developing or learning differently, you can talk with your child’s school guidance counselor, who may refer the matter to the Intervention and Referral Service. You also have the right to request a child study team evaluation for consideration of special education and related services. Any such request would need to be in writing and directed to: Judith H. Geddis, Interim Supervisor of Special Services, Lenape Valley Regional High School District, P.O. Box 578, Stanhope, New Jersey 07874.