• Social Studies
    The Social Studies Department has designed its program to help students acquire the skills of informed and reasoned decision making, to increase their awareness of political and civic systems, and to develop their knowledge of their culturally diverse society and increasingly interdependent world.  History forms the core of the program, but that central discipline is expanded by the introduction of  concepts and methods drawn from political science, economics, and sociology.  The department addresses the following proficiencies for all students:
    • To develop an interest in and respect for the study of history.
    • To refine  written and spoken expression, and persuasive argument and debate using the strategies of social sciences.
    • To acquire an awareness and a sensitivity to various cultures, including their traditions, achievements, and noteworthy personalities.
    To meet state and local graduation requirements, students must successfully complete World History and three years of U.S. History.  Students, particularly those interested in pursuing humanities or the social sciences, are strongly encouraged to participate in the department's elective offerings.
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