• 2016 to 2018


    1. To conduct data driven analysis of school performance in order to monitor and make curricular and instructional changes to

        effect student performance. In support of this goal: 

        ►  Completion of instructional standards will be recorded by teachers via the Rubicon Atlas curriculum mapping program. 

        ►  Analysis of the grade distribution by departments will occur at the end of each year. 

        ►  Common assessments will be created for use by teachers instructing the same course to aid in comparison analysis. 

        ►  Teacher observation scores will be compared against the annual grade distribution. 


    2. Over the course of two school years of this plan, eighty-five percent of graduates will be accepted into four-year colleges. 


    3. To create and drill an effective reunification plan for students and their families in the case of a catastrophe or emergency

         requiring an expeditious evacuation of the building. 


    4. To develop and execute action plans in the PARCC-tested areas to improve test scores.