• Band and CHORUS
    The study of music at the secondary level is designed to develop students' musical perception, performance skills, and aesthetic awareness.  Through classes in applied musical performance, music theory and composition, and music appreciation, the Humanities Department seeks to develop the following proficiencies for all students enrolled in music courses: 
    • The development of appropriate techniques necessary for successful musical performance (both instrumental and vocal).
    • The continued development of musical knowledge with regard to the elements of music (pitch, rhythm, harmony, melody, dynamics, etc.).
    • The development of both an intellectual and an aesthetic awareness that should lead to a greater appreciation of music as an art form.
    All students are reminded that five credits of Visual and Performing Arts classes are required for graduation.  Students who are considering a music major or a music minor in college should plan to include, if possible, both instrumental and vocal performance classes as well as the study of music theory and composition in their high school programs.
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